No microsot addicton anymore, Linux is the way to go…..

I installed countless distros since 2001, but since my employer is Microsoft addicted,  I had to have windows on my personal laptop. Finally I decided to use only Linux on my personal laptop. My fear was that need to switch from time to time to windows. After a series of tests I decided that I rather use remmina (rdp windows replacement) with a vpn connection and not switch between Windows OS and Linux. I still keep windows since I bought the license, in some special cases that I don’t expect them soon.

I installed atom io (a very good replacement for notepad++) and netbeans, so far very both very responsive, filezilla, and firefox. Also I gave up chrome, (the best browser 🙂 ), you may wonder how I dare.

As you all know, addictions are not good. Many tech guys recommended chrome, I did the same, but not anymore. I support open source software, platforms not ad based. The day will come when I hope to give up the blogger platform and go with something else, and hopefully gmail as my main personal mail platform.

Hey, whey you do with the best search engine? I am gradually change my habit of googling with, a search engine the promises to forget your searches, by the way that’s not what worries me the most but the fact that google knows our thoughts 🙂 based on the huge pile of information they keep about us in their servers.

my new desktop, linux mint 18.2 xfce

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