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1) Download a Linux Mint iso file Download links 2) Use Rufus to create the Linux Live USB (if using a Windows …

In case you want to rename the cluster name where you already have running hypervisors, you need ssh in every hypervisor do …

Re-doing proxmox cluster

In order to redo the cluster you need to run the following commands on pc nodes pvecm nodes rm -f /etc/pve/cluster.conf /etc/pve/corosync.conf …

Solution: There is nothing you can do on the vm, run on the node: apt update && apt upgrade If not working …

Technologies that we use​

As a forward-thinking and innovative company, MarendaSoft remains dedicated to leveraging the latest technologies to streamline our operations and provide exceptional value to our clients.

Working with Linux

I don’t remember exactly when I started using Linux but I guess it was around 2002. Since then I used different linux distros pretty much on daily base. In the company I was working for many years (despite my official position) I got the nickname “the white hacker”. I got quite some experience as a desktop user but also configuring severs, nowadays mostly virtual. My philosophy when it comes to technologies, I prefer to work as much a possible with opensource solutions.

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