Bye bye ubuntu / mint: back to core Debian linux

I was never a big fan of ubuntu linux, rather I used linux mint as my main desktop environment. I have a old laptop (set up for my children) that uses linux mint 18.2 for some years, no issue at all. But for my business I have newer laptops that’s why I need more updated OSes. So usually I would go with latest Mint stable, up until a few months ago when suddenly after an regular update the wifi did work, I tried many things to revive it, no success. In the end I found a way on blog, I had to install manually the wifi driver and compile it. But that was not the single issue, that was boiling point, up to that moment I had many issues. I realized that linux mint dev team cannot fix the bugs from ubuntu dev team so, that’s the big problem.


Then I tried other distros, MX linux (based on debian) which is ranked as No 1 distro. Indeed, it’s much faster then mint or ubuntu. Still has some issues with the drivers. I said to myself why not trying the ugly debian, you know debian is ugly. Nobody from the devs bothers to polish it a bit. You need to do yourself.

But in the end with a bit of work, you get a much better job then ubuntu team or mint team. What you get? A much more stable environment, much faster. More freedom in terms of customization.

The latest version at the moment is 10, but it will not work on newer machines since it has a old kernel 4.x something. So I had to use the testing version which has newer kernel, it recognized wifi / bluetooth / video. Even so, taking in consideration that is testing version, it’s much better then Ubuntu / Mint LTS version. So bye bye ubuntu / mint!

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